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The registrar’s requirements for verifying the incorporation and current existence of a corporation are determined by whether the corporation is:

  1. a corporation, such as a municipality or a corporation sole, not subject to the requirements of the Business Corporations Act;
  2. a company incorporated or registered under the Business Corporations Act;
  3. a federal corporation;
  4. a foreign entity not registered in British Columbia;
  5. an out-of-province professional corporation; or
  6. a society.

A foreign entity may own land in British Columbia whether or not it is registered as an extraprovincial company under Part 11, ss. 374 to 385, of the Business Corporations Act.

Section 165(5) of the Land Title Act sets out the role of an officer in providing evidence of a corporation’s existence. This section provides:

  • 165 (5) The registrar may accept the signature of an officer under Part 5 [of the Land Title Act] or an affidavit under section 49 [of that Act] as sufficient evidence that a corporation existed at the time an instrument was executed by it, or the registrar may require further evidence of that fact.