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  • 616 (1) The Council may, by by-law, impose an annual vacancy tax on a parcel of taxable property in accordance with this Part.
  • (2) A registered owner of taxable property must pay the vacancy tax imposed on that parcel of taxable property by a vacancy tax by-law.
  • (3) A vacancy tax, together with any applicable penalties and interest payable under section 618(d), owed to the city is a debt due to the city and is a levy that
  • (a) is a charge or lien on the real property on or in respect of which the vacancy tax is imposed,
  • (b) has priority over any claim, lien, privilege or encumbrance of any person except the Crown, and
  • (c) does not require registration to preserve it.
  • (4) The city may use monies raised from a vacancy tax only for the purposes of initiatives respecting affordable housing and for the administration and collection of the vacancy tax.