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46 Agenda And Resolutions At An Annual Or Special General Meeting

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46 (1) Subject to subsection (2), the council determines the agenda of an annual or special general meeting.

  • (2) Persons holding at least 20% of the strata corporation’s votes may, by written demand, propose a resolution or raise a matter specified in the demand.
  • (3) A resolution or matter raised under subsection (2) must be included
  • (a) in the notice given under section 45(3) about the next annual or special general meeting of the strata corporation, and
  • (b) on the agenda of that meeting.
  • (4) Subsection (3) does not apply to a special general meeting held under section 43(6).

1999-21-8, effective July 1, 2000 (B.C. Reg. 43/2000); 2009-17-9, effective December 11, 2009 (B.C. Reg. 312/2009).