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  • 396F (1) In this section:
  • “eligible not for profit property” means land or improvements, or both,
  • (a) in respect of which, either directly or through trustees, a not for profit corporation is the registered owner or owner under agreement, or
  • (b) that are held, either directly or through trustees, by a not for profit corporation, and
  • that the Council considers are used for a purpose that is directly related to the purposes of the not for profit corporation;
  • “not for profit corporation” means a charitable, philanthropic or other not for profit corporation.
  • (2) Despite section 396, the Council may, by by-law, exempt an eligible not for profit property from real property taxation under this Part, to the extent, for the period and subject to the conditions provided in the by-law.
  • (3) A by-law under this section
  • (a) must establish the term of the exemption, which may not be longer than 10 years, and
  • (b) does not apply to taxation in a calendar year unless it comes into force on or before October 31 in the preceding year.
  • (4) If only a portion of a parcel is exempt under this section, the by-law under this section must include a description of the exempt portion that is satisfactory to the British Columbia Assessment Authority.
  • (5) A by-law under this section ceases to apply to property that ceases to be an eligible not for profit property and, after this, the property is liable to taxation under this Part.
  • (6) Before adopting a by-law under this section, the Council must
  • (a) publish a notice of the proposed by-law in accordance with section 3, and
  • (b) consider the by-law in conjunction with the objectives and policies set out in the report under section 219(2)(c).
  • (7) The notice under subsection (6)(a) must
  • (a) identify the eligible not for profit property that would be subject to the by-law,
  • (b) describe the proposed exemption,
  • (c) state the number of years that the exemption may be provided, and
  • (d) provide an estimate of the amount of taxes that would be imposed on the eligible not for profit property if it were not exempt, for the year in which the proposed by-law is to take effect and the following 2 years.

2010-21-39, effective July 30, 2010 (B.C. Reg. 243/2010).