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This Part deals with leasehold strata plans, in which the land shown on the strata plan is subject to a ground lease granted by a leasehold landlord defined as the government of British Columbia, the government of Canada, a municipality, a regional district, or other public authority as set by regulation. The deposit of a leasehold strata plan operates as a conversion of the ground lease into individual leases of the leasehold landlord’s interest in each strata lot. The leasehold landlord must purchase a leasehold tenant’s interest in the strata lot on termination of the strata lot lease.

Part 12 sets out the duties of leasehold tenants and the strata corporation under leasehold strata plans; restrictions on lease, assignment, or occupancy of leasehold strata lots; and remedies on leasehold tenants’ default. Also addressed are renewal of strata lot leases; destruction of buildings; purchase of leasehold tenants’ interest on termination of lease; cancellation of the strata plan; and conversion to a freehold strata plan following cancellation.