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A natural person of full capacity has full power to acquire and dispose of land. Many provincial statutes include specific provisions about dealings with land for Crown corporations and public agencies, the professions and occupations, and other bodies established or regulated under a statute. In some instances, the power to acquire and dispose of land may be limited or restricted.

This chapter provides an overview of the statutory provisions that apply to many of these bodies. Where more extensive coverage of a particular Act is included elsewhere in the Manual, a cross reference to the relevant chapter is provided here.

Readers of the Manual are cautioned that the material in this chapter is provided for convenience only and it is not exhaustive. Readers should examine other enabling legislation to determine whether and to what extent a particular body has the power to acquire or dispose of land.

The material in this chapter is arranged alphabetically by Act under the following headings:

Provincial Crown Corporations and Public Agencies

Governing Bodies of Professions and Occupations

Other Bodies Established or Regulated under Provincial Legislation