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In This Volume

35.2 (1) In this Part, except in section 38, a requirement that a person take an action in the presence of another person, or while other persons are present at the same time, is satisfied while the persons are in each other’s electronic presence.

  • (2) For certainty, nothing in this section prevents some of the persons described in subsection (1) from being physically present and others from being electronically present when the action is taken.
  • (3) If a will-maker and witnesses are in each other’s electronic presence when the will-maker makes a will, the will may be made by signing complete and identical copies of the will in counterpart.
  • (4) Copies of a will in counterpart are deemed to be identical even if there are non-substantive differences in the format of the copies.

2020-12-3, effective March 18, 2020 (retroactive from August 14, 2020).