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Mines Act, R.S.B.C. 1996, c. 293

The Act regulates mines and mining operations in the province, including abandoned mines. Where the chief inspector considers that there is an emergency at a mine, issues a stop-work order at a mine, or carries out work in a mine or abandoned mine to remove or alleviate a danger to persons or property or to remedy pollution of land or watercourses, costs of the work are paid from the consolidated revenue fund (and may be required to be secured by or recovered from the owner, agent, manager, or permittee). Section 17 creates a lien and charge for the amount expended plus interest.

  • Nature of Interest: Lien and charge in favour of the government on the mine or mineral title.
  • Procedure for Registration: Notice of debt, in prescribed form, may be registered as a charge in the land title office.
  • Electronic Submissions: On the Form 17 Charge, Notation or Filing, select Nature of Interest, Mines Act Charge, and attach an image of the originally signed lien in the prescribed form under the Mines Act.
  • Effect of Registration: No transfer of title or other dealing with the mine until the debt is paid and the notice is cancelled.