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  • 289 (1) Unless otherwise expressly provided, the real property comprised in every street, park, or public square in the city shall be absolutely vested in fee-simple in the city subject only to section 291A of this Act; provided that section 57 of the Transportation Act shall not apply to any street, park, or public square aforesaid; provided further, however, that it shall be lawful for the city to acquire from any person rights or easements for street, park, or public square purposes less than the fee-simple, whether on, above, or below the surface of any real property owned by such person.
  • (2) In the application of section 107 of the Land Title Act to a subdivision of land in the City of Vancouver, section 107 shall be construed as if for the words
  • (a) “land” and “highway”, wherever they occur, “real property” and “street”, respectively, were substituted, and
  • (b) “Crown in right of the Province,”, in the first line of subsection (1)(d), were substituted “City of Vancouver,”.
  • (3) The Registrar of the Vancouver Land Title District may accept evidence of a transfer of any real property in the city for street, park, or public square purposes in the form of a conveyance duly executed by all persons required by law to execute a conveyance thereof or by a plan only, if so executed, in lieu of or in explanation of a conveyance to the city of such real property if such plan is otherwise satisfactory to the Registrar aforesaid. The Registrar may require that such plan shall show the boundaries of any land remaining in the parcel after such transfer.

1953-55-289; 1953 (2nd Sess.)-47-5; 1958-72-16; 1973-93-23; 1978-25-331, 333, proclaimed effective October 31, 1979; 1997-25-174; 2004-44-160, effective December 31, 2004 (B.C. Reg. 547/2004).