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  • 443 Where the sale of a parcel purporting to be a sale thereof for real-property taxes pursuant to the provisions of this Act is made, every right or interest of the person who at the time of the sale was the owner, or owner under agreement, of the parcel shall immediately cease and determine, except that
  • (a) the parcel shall be subject to redemption as provided in this Act;
  • (b) the right to possession of the parcel shall not be affected during the period of redemption, subject, however, to impeachment for waste;
  • (c) any person having a registered interest in the parcel may during the period of redemption, but not afterwards, bring an action to have the sale of the parcel set aside and declared invalid, but the grounds for such action shall be limited to the following:—
    • (i) That the parcel was not liable to taxation during the time in which the taxes for which it was sold were levied; or
    • (ii) That the taxes for which the parcel was sold were fully paid; or
    • (iii) That the sale at which the parcel was disposed of was not fairly and openly conducted.