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72 (1) If a person has entered a contract in writing for the sale and conveyance of land or for an estate or interest in the land, and the person has died intestate, or without providing by will for the conveyance of the land, estate or interest to the person entitled or to become entitled to the conveyance under the contract, then, where if the deceased were alive, the person would be liable to execute a conveyance, the executor, administrator or administrator with the will annexed, as the case may be, of the deceased must make and give to the person entitled to it a good and sufficient conveyance of the estate and of a nature that the deceased, if living, would be liable to give, but without covenants, except as against the acts of the grantor.

  • (2) A conveyance under subsection (1) is as valid and effectual as if the deceased were alive at the time of its making and had executed it, but does not have any further validity.

1979-414-72; 2023-10-1133.


See Di Castri, Registration of Title to Land, vol. 2, para. 677.