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81 (1) If a decree or order is made by the Supreme Court, or by any other court of competent jurisdiction in British Columbia, directing the sale of land for any purpose, a person seised or possessed of the land, or entitled to a contingent right in it, who is a party to the action or proceeding in which the decree or order has been made, and bound by it, or being otherwise bound by the decree or order, is deemed to be so seised, possessed or entitled, as the case may be, on a trust within the meaning of this Act.

  • (2) In that case, the Supreme Court, if it thinks it expedient to carry the sale into effect, may make an order vesting the land or a part of it for the estate the court thinks fit, either in a purchaser or in any other person the court directs.
  • (3) An order under subsection (2) has the same effect as if the person seised, possessed or entitled had been free from all disability, and had duly executed all proper conveyances and assignments of the land for that estate.