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202 When a leasehold strata plan is deposited, the registrar must

  • (a) assign to the leasehold strata plan a serial deposit number, and
  • (b) register new indefeasible titles in the name of the leasehold landlord for each of the strata lots shown on the plan.

1998-43-202, effective July 1, 2000 (B.C. Reg. 43/2000).


Form of Endorsement and New Indefeasible Titles

Following the deposit of a leasehold strata plan, the registrar registers new indefeasible titles in the name of the leasehold landlord, subject to the ground lease in the name of the leasehold tenant. In the “Charges, Liens and Interests” segment of title, the registrar describes the lease as “inter alia”, but the deposit of the leasehold strata plan operates as a conversion of the registered ground lease under s. 203(1) of the Act. The registrar makes the note “Part 12, Leasehold Strata Plans” in this segment of title. It is not necessary for the registrar to refer on the registered title to the statutory provisions under s. 214 of the Act requiring the leasehold landlord to purchase the leasehold tenant’s interest on termination. The reference to Part 12 of the Act is sufficient. The registrar also identifies the leasehold strata plan serial deposit number in the miscellaneous notes on the registered title.