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For a complete list of resource material, access the “E-filing User Guides and Publications” page at

Supporting Documents for Electronic Applications

This document sets out submission requirements and establishes a list of supporting documents that may be filed with an electronic application. The document includes a list of supporting documents filed with a Strata Property Act Filing Form, includes links to documents filed with a Form 17, and identifies examples of supporting documents submitted with a Declaration General.

Valid and Retired Versions of Electronic Forms

This document establishes the valid and retired form templates for use by the electronic filing system.

Electronic Land Title Plan and Plan Application Requirements

The Electronic Land Title Plan and Plan Application Requirements, v. 2.6, are available at
. This document establishes the electronic filing plan and plan application requirements. These requirements are established by the Director and generally support existing Survey and Plan Rules.

Form 17 Help Guide

Completion instructions for electronic Form 17 are set out in the Electronic Form 17 Help Guide at…. This document contains a list of natures of interest and the applicable supporting document.