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Overview Of The Practice Bulletins And Practice Notes

In This Volume

The Director of Land Titles issues Practice Bulletins and Practice Notes periodically to clarify land title practice issues or to introduce practice material needed to support legislative or regulatory amendments. The information contained in the bulletins and notes is then consolidated into the pertinent part(s) of the Manual after which the bulletins and notes are retired. Where a bulletin or note has continuing relevance, it is published in this chapter.

Electronic versions of unconsolidated bulletins and notes are also published at

Note that references to Acts and regulations in the material in this chapter are current as of the issuing date of the bulletin or note. The text will not be amended as part of the regular updates to the Manual. As a consequence, readers are advised to confirm the title of enactments, the references to section numbers, and the current status of legislative material in this chapter. In addition, readers are advised that, in some cases, some portions of a bulletin or note may be dated as a result of a court decision or a legislative amendment made after the issuing date.