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  • 12 Where land in a bare land strata plan would, if subdivided under the Land Title Act, be required to be connected by water, sewer or storm drainage mains to a water utility, community water system, sewage collection and disposal system or a drainage system operated by a municipality, regional district, improvement district, water district or any other public authority pursuant to a bylaw regulating the subdivision of land under the Local Government Act, the approving officer shall not approve the bare land strata plan unless
  • (a) the water, sewer and storm drainage mains connecting the land to the utility or systems have been constructed in accordance with the standards and procedures set out in the bylaw, or
  • (b) the owner-developer has, in such circumstances as the approving officer considers appropriate, furnished security to the municipality, regional district or improvement district for the cost or the owner-developer’s portion of the cost of constructing the water, sewer and storm mains in form satisfactory to the approving officer.

[am. B.C. Reg. 546/2004; B.C. Reg. 41/2016; B.C. Reg. 64/2021.]