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  • 446 After the period of redemption has expired, no action shall be brought or proceedings commenced against the city, or the Registrar of Land Titles, or the minister charged with the administration of the Land Title Act, or the Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia, or the Collector, or the auctioneer, with respect to any parcel purporting to have been sold for real-property taxes under the provisions of this Act, except that an action for damages may be brought against the city only upon the following grounds, and no other:—
  • (a) That the parcel was not liable to taxation during the time in which the taxes for which it was sold were levied; or
  • (b) That the taxes for which the parcel was sold had been fully paid; or
  • (c) That the parcel had been redeemed during the period of redemption;
  • and then only if the action is brought within one year of the day upon which the period of redemption expired.

1953-55-446; 1978-25-332, proclaimed effective October 31, 1979; 1997-25-199; 2004-66-166, effective January 20, 2005 (B.C. Reg. 16/2005).