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In This Volume

Version 1.0 of this document, released November 15, 2019, was replaced by version 1.1, effective April 16, 2020, which was in turn replaced by version 1.2, effective September 30, 2020; version 1.3, effective November 20, 2020; version 1.4, effective February 28, 2022; version 1.5, effective May 9, 2022; version 1.6, effective July 12, 2022; and version 1.7, effective July 25, 2022 (see “Appendix: E-filing Directions v. 1.7” in this chapter). It replaces the following Director’s Requirements: Electronic Filing of Land Title Documents DR 01-11, Authorized Subscriber Register DR 01-13, Certification Authority and Subscribers DR 02-11, Electronic Land Title Forms and Supporting Documents DR 03-11, Required Electronic Filing of Land Title Documents DR 06-11. DR 04-11, version 2.2, Hardcopy Land Title Forms, remains in effect.

The E-filing Directions establish the directions made by the Director under Part 10.1 of the Land Title Act. These directions replace the Director’s Requirements related to e-filing and reflect amendments to the Act. Specific directions are set out related to:

  1. Electronic forms and supporting documents;
  2. Electronic signatures and certification by a designate;
  3. Certification Authority and Subscribers;
  4. The Authorized Subscriber Register; and
  5. Required e-filing.