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5 (1) If a trust for sale or a power of sale of property is vested in a trustee, the trustee may sell, or concur with any other person in selling, all or part of the property, either subject to prior charges or not, and either together or in lots, by public auction or by private contract, subject to the conditions respecting title or evidence of title or other matter that the trustee thinks fit, with power to vary any contract for sale, and to buy in at any auction, or to rescind any contract for sale and to resell, without being answerable for any loss.

  • (2) This section applies only if and as far as a contrary intention is not expressed in the instrument creating the trust or power, and has effect subject to the terms of that instrument.
  • (3) This section applies only to a trust or power created by an instrument coming into operation after July 1, 1905.