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193A Power To Acquire Property For Commercial Or Industrial Development

In This Volume

  • 193A The Council may acquire real property for the purpose of providing sites for commercial or industrial development, and for that purpose may
  • (a) demolish any building situate thereon;
  • (b) subdivide or resubdivide the said property;
  • (c) provide such services, including roads, water, and sewers, as may be deemed necessary or beneficial;
  • (d) construct such buildings or other improvements on the said property as in the opinion of the Council may be deemed advantageous;
  • (e) notwithstanding the provisions of section 190, hold, lease, sell, or otherwise dispose of such property on terms deemed advisable by Council without obtaining the assent of the electors; provided, however, that any lease in excess of thirty years shall contain a provision for revision of the annual rental at intervals not greater than ten years.

1954-65-2; 1964-72-3.