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  • 14.3 (1) Each sheet of a strata plan must be prepared on mylar film with a minimum thickness of 0.075 mm and a matte finish on both sides, and must be capable of being satisfactorily microfilmed, photocopied or scanned and stored electronically using equipment in the land title office.
  • (2) All lettering, drawing or figures on the strata plan must be made in black ink and must be of a permanent character.
  • (3) Each sheet must be of a uniform size, which must be either 216 mm x 280 mm or 280 mm x 432 mm, unless the registrar, in special circumstances, authorizes sizes 432 mm x 560 mm or 560 mm x 864 mm.
  • (4) This section does not apply to a strata plan in electronic format that may be submitted for deposit in a land title office in accordance with Part 10.1 of the Land Title Act.

[am. B.C. Reg. 295/2006, Sched., s. 4; B.C. Reg. 171/2019.]