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  • 17.23 (1) In this section, “declaration of a state of emergency” and “declaration of a state of local emergency” have the same meaning as in section 1 (1) of the Emergency Program Act.
  • (2) If a declaration of a state of emergency or a declaration of a state of local emergency is in effect where the land in a strata plan is located and at any time during the period of one month that ends on the last day on which a general meeting of the strata corporation must be held under any of the following provisions of the Act, the meeting may be held up to 2 months after the last day on which the meeting must be held under the provision:
  • (a) section 16 (1) [first annual general meeting to be held by owner developer];
  • (b) section 40 (2) [annual general meeting];
  • (c) section 43 (3) [special general meeting called by voters];
  • (d) section 43 (3.1) [special general meeting to consider winding-up resolution];
  • (e) section 51 (6) [special general meeting to reconsider resolution passed by 3/4 vote];
  • (f) section 159 (1) [general meeting to decide not to repair or replace damaged property];
  • (g) section 230 [annual general meeting after deposit of subsequent phase].

[en. B.C. Reg. 117/2020, s. 2.]