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An individual may, but need not, execute an instrument under seal. See s. 16 of the Property Law Act in chapter 55 (Property Law Act, R.S.B.C. 1996, c. 377), which provides:

  • 16 (1) An instrument purporting to transfer, charge or otherwise deal with land or to transfer, release or otherwise deal with a charge need not be executed under seal.

Restrictions on Use

See s. 48(1) of the Land Title Act regarding executions under seal of an individual. Note in particular the following restrictions on the use of seals, which are set out in the practice discussion:

  1. a seal must not obliterate any part of the document or signature (see DR-04-11, Hardcopy Land Title Forms, at
  2. the registrar rejects documents to which wax seals are affixed because they are not capable of being microfilmed or scanned (Land Title Act, s. 168(2)(a)(v)).