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In This Volume

1 In this Act:

  • “administration” includes all letters of administration of the estates of deceased persons, whether with or without the will annexed, and whether granted for general, special or limited purposes;
  • “court” means the Supreme Court or a judge of the Supreme Court;
  • “deceased” means the deceased person;
  • “estate” means
  • (a) when applied in relation to a person who died before June 1, 1921, personal estate, and
  • (b) when applied in relation to a person who died on or after that date, both personal estate and real estate;
  • “intestate” or “person dying intestate” means a person owning property dying without a will;
  • “testator” means the person making a will, whether the person is male or female;
  • “will” includes codicil and all testamentary instruments of which probate may be granted.

1979-114-1, 85, 113 (part); 1985-68-28; 1989-40-82. [Repealed 2009-13-191(1), effective March 31, 2014 (B.C. Reg. 148/2013)].