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Overview Of Registration Of Instruments

In This Volume

The Land Title Act includes specific provisions authorizing the registration of a charge against title to land. In addition, many other federal and provincial statutes include provisions that permit the registration of various instruments in the land title office. This chapter provides an overview of selected provisions of the more common enactments. Where more extensive coverage of a particular Act is included elsewhere in the Manual, a cross reference to the relevant chapter is included here.

The material in this chapter does not generally include information on liens or charges which may be registered against land in favour of federal, provincial, or local governments, or their departments and agencies, as these liens and charges are considered in chapter 68 (Government Liens, Charges, and Administrative Penalties). In addition, sample forms of endorsement that result from the registration of charges are illustrated at in chapter 69 (Legal Notations and Charges).

Readers of the Manual are cautioned that the material in this chapter is provided for convenience only and it is not exhaustive. Readers should examine original sources of legislation to determine the nature and effect of any charges that may be registered against land.