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  • 19 (1) A bare land strata plan shall be tendered for examination and approval by the approving officer
  • (a) where the land affected is within a municipality, to the municipal clerk, and
  • (b) where the land affected is within an unorganized territory, to the district highway manager of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, or where an employee of a regional district is the approving officer, to the secretary-treasurer of the regional district.
  • (2) The bare land strata plan shall be accompanied by
  • (a) an examination fee, if the bare land strata plan is tendered under subsection (1)(b) to a district highway manager, of $100 plus $100 for each strata lot to be created under the bare land strata plan, and
  • (b) a certificate that all taxes assessed on the land have been paid, and where local improvement taxes, rates or assessments are payable by instalments, that all instalments owing at the date of the certificate have been paid.
  • (3) Where a bare land strata plan is tendered for examination and approval after the expiration of 3 months after the date the survey is completed, the approving officer may require the surveyor who carried out the survey to inspect the survey and
  • (a) be satisfied that
    • (i) all posts and monuments are in place, and
    • (ii) the survey has not been affected by an intervening survey or a registration, deposit, or filing under the Act or the Land Title Act, and
  • (b) write on the plan “Inspected under the Strata Property Act”, with the date of the inspection and the surveyor’s signature.
  • (4) The surveyor may inspect and certify under subsection (3) before the plan is tendered for approval.
  • (5) In the event of the death or disability of the surveyor, the Surveyor General may appoint another British Columbia land surveyor to make the inspection.

[am. B.C. Reg. 36/94; B.C. Reg. 64/2021.]