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59 (1) If a person is jointly or solely seised or possessed of any land or entitled to a contingent right in it on a trust, and a demand has been made on the trustee by a person entitled to require a conveyance or assignment of the land, or the person’s duly authorized agent, requiring the trustee to convey or assign it, or to release the contingent right, the court, if satisfied that the trustee has wilfully refused or neglected to convey or assign the land for 28 days after the demand, may make an order

  • (a) vesting the land in the person, in the manner and for the estate that the court directs, or
  • (b) releasing the contingent right in the manner the court directs.
  • (2) The order has the same effect as if the trustee had duly executed a conveyance or assignment of the land, or a release of the right, in the same manner and for the same estate.

1979-414-59; 2023-10-1130.