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270 The registrar must, if satisfied that the application and accompanying documents received under section 269 comply with this Act and the Land Title Act and the regulations made under those Acts,

  • (a) comply with the requirements of section 267,
  • (b) endorse on the amalgamation agreement the name of the amalgamated strata corporation,
  • (c) file bylaws, if any, for the amalgamated strata corporation, and
  • (d) alter the indefeasible titles and amend all relevant plans in whatever way is necessary to give full effect to the amalgamation agreement.

1998-43-270, effective July 1, 2000 (B.C. Reg. 43/2000).


Amended Schedule of Interest on Destruction, Form Z.1

Section 17.21(3) of the Strata Property Regulation, B.C. Reg. 43/2000, states that s. 270 of the Act applies to an Amended Schedule of Interest on Destruction under s. 269 of the Act as though that document were listed in s. 267(d) of the Act. The Strata Property Regulation is included at chapter 58 (Strata Property Regulations).


Registrar Does Not Amend Old Strata Plans

The registrar does not amend the old strata plans because the new reference or explanatory plan shows the amendment. For example, it is not necessary for the registrar to cancel the dividing lines. However, the registrar must make a note on the old strata plans, referring to the new reference or explanatory plan by its deposit number. For example, the registrar may note “Dividing line cancelled, see Strata Plan VR_____”.

Registrar Registers New Indefeasible Titles for Each Strata Lot: Section 270(d)

Although s. 270(d) of the Act states that the registrar alters the indefeasible titles, the registrar registers new indefeasible titles for each strata lot in the amalgamated strata plan. Each new indefeasible title contains a new legal description. See also s. 14.11 of the Strata Property Regulation, B.C. Reg. 43/2000, at chapter 58 (Strata Property Regulations), regarding registration of indefeasible title for each strata lot.

Consolidation of Plans

The land title office physically consolidates the strata plans of the two strata corporations with the explanatory or reference plan of the amalgamated strata plan, under its new amalgamated strata plan number.