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32 A council member who has a direct or indirect interest in

  • (a) a contract or transaction with the strata corporation, or
  • (b) a matter that is or is to be the subject of consideration by the council, if that interest could result in the creation of a duty or interest that materially conflicts with that council member’s duty or interest as a council member,
  • much
  • (c) disclose fully and promptly to the council the nature and extent of the interest,
  • (d) abstain from voting on the contract, transaction or matter, and
  • (e) leave the council meeting
    • (i) while the contract, transaction or matter is discussed, unless asked by council to be present to provide information, and
    • (ii) while the council votes on the contract, transaction or matter.

2009-17-4, effective December 11, 2009 (B.C. Reg. 312/2009).