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288 (1) A strata plan must not be cancelled unless all of the duplicate indefeasible titles, if any, of the strata lots included in the strata plan have been cancelled under the Land Title Act or are deemed to be cancelled under subsection (4).

  • (2) On application to the registrar to cancel a strata plan, the registrar may, by a written demand to the owner of a strata lot in the strata plan and to anyone to whom a duplicate indefeasible title was issued, require that a duplicate indefeasible title be delivered to the registrar for cancellation.
  • (3) A person who receives the written demand for the duplicate indefeasible title must deliver it to the registrar within 30 days after receiving the demand.
  • (4) If the person fails to deliver the duplicate indefeasible title to the registrar as required under subsection (3), the duplicate indefeasible title is deemed to be cancelled and the registrar may cancel the existing indefeasible title.

1998-43-288, effective July 1, 2000 (B.C. Reg. 43/2000).


Duplicate Certificates of Title

The registrar will not issue a written demand to an owner under s. 288(2) unless the applicant has made this request to the registrar in writing.