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Canada Lands Surveys Act, R.S.C. 1985, c. L-6, s. 30

  • Section 30 of the Canada Lands Surveys Act requires the federal Minister of Natural Resources to file a copy of an official plan with the registrar of titles in the area in which the lands are located. These plans are usually Indian Reserves or National Parks.
  • Practice: Each application to deposit an official plan electronically should be imaged and attached to an electronic Form 17 Charge Notation or Filing.
  • Electronic Submissions: On the Form 17 Charge, Notation or Filing, select Nature of Interest, Canada Land Survey Plan, and attach an image of a copy of the plan from Canada Land Surveys.
  • By applying an electronic signature to the electronic Form 17, the subscriber certifies that the original of the supporting document is in the subscriber’s possession (Land Title Act, s. 168.3 and s. 168.41).
  • The plan will be assigned a filing number and entered in the land title records as a general filing.