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The United Church of Canada Act, S.C. 1924, c. 100, establishes the United Church of Canada. The United Church of Canada Act, S.B.C. 1924, c. 50, allows the church to deal with lands in British Columbia held for its purposes.


The provincial Act gives the church the right to acquire and dispose of property for the purposes of religious work. Both the provincial and federal Acts govern registration of title in the name of trustees for congregations of the church.

Section 16 of the Act creates a general power to acquire and dispose of land, including the powers to acquire by purchase, lease, gift, devise, or bequest and to sell, transfer, exchange, mortgage, hypothecate, lease, or otherwise dispose of the land. Section 21 details the requirements for validation and registration of instruments in the land title office.

In accordance with s. 22 of the Act, the provisions of the Act are not affected or varied by the provisions of any general Act in force in British Columbia respecting the property of religious societies, congregations, or institutions, but the provisions of any such general Act are, when not inconsistent with the provisions of the Act, supplemental to it.

The practice materials included under this Act on the preparation of instruments should be considered a supplement to the requirements of the Director of Land Titles for electronic and hardcopy submissions.


The director’s directions are available at