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  • 84 (1) The registration or renewal of registration of a judgment must be effected by the delivery to the Registrar of Titles at the land title office of a certificate of the judgment under the seal of the court in which it has been entered or recovered, if the court has a seal, and signed by the court or by an officer empowered to grant certificates for proceedings in that court, accompanied by a copy of the certificate of judgment certified by the court or officer and an application of the judgment creditor or his or her solicitor or agent, in accordance with the requirements of the Land Registry Act, to register or renew registration of the judgment.
  • (2) The Registrar of Titles must write or stamp on the certificate and on the certified copy the day, hour and minute of the delivery of the certificate at his or her office, which time must be the time of the registration or renewal of registration of the judgment, as the case may be, and the Registrar of Titles must then enter it in the register of judgments under the Land Registry Act.
  • (3) On the entry being made, the certificate of judgment must be returned to the person who delivered it, but the certified copy must be kept in the land title office.
  • (4) Registration of a judgment under this Part includes the reregistration of it, which may be effected in the same way that a judgment is registered or the registration of it is renewed.



Section 84 Limited in Time by Section 85

See s. 85 of the Act.

Registration of Judgments before October 31, 1979

See the “Practice” discussion under s. 82 of the Act.