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12 Powers Of Attorney General To Dispose Of Land

In This Volume

  • 12 If any property or any interest, legal or equitable, in it, has escheated or become forfeited to the government, the Attorney General may do one or more of the following:
  • (a) appoint a person to take possession of it, or of any part of it, and manage it for the time the Attorney General thinks proper;
  • (b) rent it or any part of it;
  • (c) sell it or any part of it by private sale;
  • (d) advertise it or any part of it for sale by tender;
  • (e) cause it or any part of it to be sold by public auction under the conditions the Attorney General considers proper.

1979-111-12; 2002-63-8, effective December 9, 2002 (B.C. Reg. 340/2002).