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In This Volume

  • 1 In this Act, or in an enactment:
  • “Act” means an Act of the Legislature, whether referred to as a statute, code or by any other name, and, when referring to past legislation, includes an ordinance or proclamation made before 1871, that has the force of law;
  • “enact” includes to issue, make, establish or prescribe;
  • “enactment” means an Act or a regulation or a portion of an Act or regulation;
  • “public officer” includes a person in the public service of British Columbia;
  • “regulation” means a regulation, order, rule, form, tariff of costs or fees, proclamation, letters patent, commission, warrant, bylaw or other instrument enacted
  • (a) in execution of a power conferred under an Act, or
  • (b) by or under the authority of the Lieutenant Governor in Council,
  • but does not include an order of a court made in the course of an action or an order made by a public officer or administrative tribunal in a dispute between 2 or more persons;
  • “repeal” includes to revoke, cancel or rescind.