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52 (1) If the minister finds that a term, covenant, stipulation, reservation or exemption in a Crown grant issued under this or a former Act, other than one contained in the forms prescribed by the Act under which the Crown grant was issued, has been included in error or is no longer required in the public interest, the minister may declare the Crown grant to be void and of no effect or may amend or replace it.

  • (2) A certified copy of the declaration made under subsection (1) may be filed with the registrar of the land title district.
  • (3) The registrar must attach the copy of the declaration referred to in subsection (2) to the Crown grant and make appropriate entries in the register as the registrar considers necessary.
  • (4) The power conferred by this section may be exercised whether or not title to the land is registered in a land title office.

1979-214-49; 1982-76-23; 1993-13-8, effective August 19, 1993 (B.C. Reg. 278/93).