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In This Volume

  • 15 In this Part:
  • “amount owing”, in relation to an owner, means the total of
  • (a) the amount payable to the government by the owner under section 16(1), and
  • (b) any interest accrued or accruing on the amount payable referred to in paragraph (a);
  • “deferral agreement” means an agreement entered into under section 18(1);
  • “owner”, in relation to real property, means the registered owner of an estate in fee simple;
  • “serviced property” means real property to which water is provided by the government from water system property;
  • “water system property” means water system property, as defined in section 4.1, that has, on the dissolution of a corporation, escheated to or vested in the government.

2006-11-5, effective June 14, 2006 (B.C. Reg. 160/2006).