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  • 7 (1) The Crown land registry is continued to record all lands administered by the government, and to record the acquisition and disposition of those lands, for the purpose of maintaining an inventory of Crown land.
  • (2) The minister is responsible for the security and maintenance of the registry.
  • (3) The registry is to be open to any person during regular business hours for the examination and inspection of the records of the registry.
  • (4) Every ministry of the government must record in the registry all Crown lands under its administration, and the acquisition in fee simple and disposition of those lands, in a manner acceptable to the minister.
  • (4.1) If the final agreement of a treaty first nation requires that survey plans of treaty lands be filed in the registry, the Surveyor General must file a copy of a final plan to which the requirement applies in the registry, whether or not the treaty lands include or consist of former federal Crown land.
  • (5) Subsection (4) does not apply to the following:
  • (a) a public road or highway established under this Act, the Highway Act, the Transportation Act, the Community Charter or the Local Government Act;
  • (b) a forest service road established under the Forest Act;
  • (c) an agreement to harvest Crown timber under the Forest Act;
  • (d) a grazing or hay cutting licence or permit under the Range Act;
  • (e) lands dedicated, transferred or vested in the government under section 107(1) or 108(2) of the Land Title Act.
  • (6) No action may be brought by any person against the government for loss or damage caused by reliance on the records of the registry by that person for any reason or purpose including, without limitation, reliance for the purpose of establishing priorities of interest or reliance on the completeness of the records.

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