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  • 30 (1) On the commission’s own initiative, the commission may do one of the following, with or without limits or conditions, as applicable:
  • (a) exclude land from the agricultural land reserve;
  • (b) permit a non-farm use, non-adhering residential use, soil or fill use or subdivision of land.
  • (2) Before taking action under subsection (1),
  • (a) the commission must give notice as required by the regulations of the commission’s intentions and of a public hearing respecting those intentions, and
  • (b) the public hearing must be held in the prescribed manner.
  • (3) If the commission takes an action under subsection (1), it must deliver written notice of the action to the owner of the land.

2019-32-19, effective September 30, 2020 (B.C. Reg. 57/2020).