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  • 27 (1) The order containing the declaration of title, or a certified copy of it, must be deposited for registration in the land title office of the land title district in which the land in respect of which the declaration of title is given is located, accompanied by an application for registration.
  • (2) On receiving the application, the registrar of titles must register the indefeasible title to the land in the name of the owner as declared in the declaration.
  • (3) The order containing the declaration of title, when sealed, signed and registered
  • (a) is conclusive, and the title declared in it must be considered to be the true and correct title from the date of the declaration, as regards the government and all other persons, subject only to charges or encumbrances, conditions, exceptions and reservations mentioned or referred to in it, or in its schedule, and
  • (b) is conclusive evidence that every application, notice, publication, proceeding, consent and act which ought to have been made, given and done before the granting of the declaration has been made, given and done by the proper parties.

1979-220-27; 1982-60-109, proclaimed effective August 1, 1983.


Registration of Declaration of Title

A Property Transfer Tax Return is required for both an electronic and a hardcopy submission.


On the Form 17 Fee Simple, select Nature of Interest, Declaration of Title, and attach an image of the original order containing the declaration of title issued under s. 23 of the Act or a certified copy.


See Di Castri, Registration of Title to Land, vol. 1, paras. 104 and 204.