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In This Volume

  • 1 In this Act:
  • “child”, except in Parts 3 and 7 and section 247, means a person who is under 19 years of age;
  • “child support guidelines” means the child support guidelines, provided for under section 247, for calculating child support;
  • “contact with a child” or “contact with the child” means contact between a child and a person, other than the child’s guardian, the terms of which are set out in an agreement or order;
  • “court” means
  • (a) the Supreme Court, or
  • (b) to the extent that it has jurisdiction to make an order, the Provincial Court;
  • “excluded property” means property that would otherwise be family property but is excluded under section 85;
  • “family debt” means family debt as described in section 86;
  • “family member”, with respect to a person, means
  • (a) the person’s spouse or former spouse,
  • (b) a person with whom the person is living, or has lived, in a marriage-like relationship,
  • (c) a parent or guardian of the person’s child,
  • (d) a person who lives with, and is related to,
    • (i) the person, or
    • (ii) a person referred to in any of paragraphs (a) to (c), or
  • (e) the person’s child,
  • and includes a child who is living with, or whose parent or guardian is, a person referred to in any of paragraphs (a) to (e);
  • “family property” means family property under section 84;
  • “guardian” means a guardian under section 39 and Division 3 of Part 4;
  • “parent” means a parent under Part 3;
  • “parenting arrangements” means arrangements respecting the allocation of parental responsibilities or parenting time, or both;
  • “spouse” means a person who is a spouse within the meaning of section 3;
  • “written agreement” means an agreement that is in writing and signed by all parties.

2011-25-1, effective March 18, 2013 (B.C. Reg. 131/2012).

These excerpts from s. 1 apply to the sections of the Family Law Act cited in these materials.