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397 (1) A board may, by bylaw, impose a fee or charge payable in respect of

  • (a) all or part of a service of the regional district, or
  • (b) the use of regional district property.
  • (2) Without limiting subsection (1), a bylaw under this section may do one or more of the following:
  • (a) if the bylaw is in relation to an authority to provide a service or regulate outside the regional district, apply outside the regional district;
  • (b) base the fee or charge on any factor specified in the bylaw, including by establishing different rates or levels of fees in relation to different factors;
  • (c) establish different classes of persons, property, businesses and activities and different fees or charges for different classes;
  • (d) establish terms and conditions for payment, including discounts, interest and penalties;
  • (e) provide for the reduction, waiving or refund of a fee or charge if, as specified in the bylaw, a person
    • (i) has already paid towards the costs to which the fee or charge relates,
    • (ii) does not require the service to which the fee or charge relates,
    • (iii) no longer undertakes the activity or thing for which a licence, permit or approval was required, or
    • (iv) has prepaid towards the costs of the service to which the fee or charge relates and use of the service by the person is discontinued;
  • (f) establish fees for obtaining copies of records that are available for public inspection.
  • (3) As an exception, a board may not establish a fee or charge under this section
  • (a) in relation to Part 3 or Part 4, or
  • (b) in relation to any other matter for which another provision of this Act specifically authorizes the imposition of a fee or charge.
  • (4) A regional district must make available to the public, on request, a report respecting how a fee or charge imposed under this section was determined.

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