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  • 12 (1) The Surveyor General may make orders as follows:
  • (a) constituting a portion of British Columbia an integrated survey area and defining its boundaries;
  • (b) redefining or readjusting the boundaries of an existing integrated survey area;
  • (c) extending, reducing, subdividing, or annulling any existing integrated survey area or merging all or part of it with another integrated survey area or areas;
  • (d) establishing the density of control monuments in or surrounding the integrated survey area.
  • (2) The Association of British Columbia Land Surveyors may make rules under section 75 of the Land Surveyors Act for surveys under this Part.

2004-21-6; 2004-21-7, effective January 21, 2005.


Survey and Plan Rules

The Survey and Plan Rules apply with respect to surveys and plans. The rules are made by the Association of British Columbia Land Surveyors and approved and ordered by the Surveyor General. The rules are available at

The Director of Land Titles has adopted additional rules where there are no existing survey rules for electronic plans. The director’s directions are set out in the Electronic Land Title Plan and Plan Application Requirements, v. 2.6, available at