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103 Minister May Order Government Title Cancelled

In This Volume

103 (1) If the government is a registered owner of an indefeasible or absolute title to land free of encumbrances, the minister may order that the registration be removed from the operation of the Land Title Act.

  • (2) On receiving an order of the minister under subsection (1), the registrar of the land title office must cancel the registration of the indefeasible or absolute title to the land described in the order and call in and cancel any duplicate indefeasible title or certificate of title that has been issued.
  • (3) On cancellation under subsection (2), the land must be dealt with under this Act.

1979-214-98; 1982-60-107, proclaimed effective August 1, 1983.


Removing Crown Land from Registration System

Under s. 103, the Minister of Forests can order the removal of Crown land from the operation of the Land Title Act.

Electronic Submissions

For electronic submissions, the director has approved the use of the electronic Form 17, Surveyor General Form, to be completed and electronically signed exclusively by the Surveyor General.

Hardcopy Submissions

The minister’s order is usually received by the land title office in the form of a letter signed on the minister’s behalf by the Surveyor General.

The registrar must ensure that all charges have been cancelled before the title is cancelled.


See s. 136 of the Land Title Act regarding the cancellation of plans where all the land included in a plan has been removed from the operation of the Land Title Act.