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106 (1) Land acquired by a ministry on behalf of the government is to be administered by the minister of that ministry.

  • (2) Despite anything in this Act, the minister may transfer, on terms and conditions the minister considers appropriate, the administration of Crown land to any ministry of the government or may accept a transfer of Crown land from any ministry of the government to the minister’s ministry.
  • (3) A power under any Act, other than the Ministry of Lands, Parks and Housing Act or the Public Agency Accommodation Act, to dispose of the fee simple in Crown land as defined in this Act, must be exercised in compliance with this Act.
  • (4) Despite any other Act, a transfer of the administration of Crown land to the minister authorizes the minister to exercise the minister’s powers in relation to that land under this Act or any other Act under the minister’s administration.
  • (5) Subsection (3) does not apply to a disposition made by the Lieutenant Governor in Council under section 59 of the Transportation Act.
  • (6) The requirement in section 218(1) of the Land Title Act that a statutory right of way be for a purpose necessary for the operation and maintenance of a grantee’s undertaking does not apply if the grantee is the government.

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