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44 Amendment And Cancellation If Approval Or Grant Improper

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44 (1) If the minister considers it advisable, the minister may, for an approved application or a disposition, amend or correct the approval or disposition, disallow the application or cancel the disposition, or make those changes and adjustments in the approval or disposition the minister considers advisable, if the minister finds any of the following:

  • (a) a clerical error in the names or description of the applicant, the description of the Crown land, or any other material part of the approval or disposition;
  • (b) that the Crown land is not available for disposition;
  • (c) that the survey is incorrect;
  • (d) that information provided by the applicant is incorrect.
  • (2) If the minister disallows an application or cancels a disposition under this section, the minister may
  • (a) repay to the applicant all or part of the money paid on the application or disposition,
  • (b) repay to the applicant the applicant’s survey costs, and
  • (c) pay to the applicant that compensation the minister considers advisable.
  • (3) If a cancelled or amended disposition is registered in a land title office, the minister may, by a certificate signed and sealed by the minister and setting out the reason for the cancellation or amendment, require the registrar to cancel or amend the registration.
  • (4) The minister’s certificate referred to in subsection (3) is authority for the registrar to cancel or amend the registration.

1979-214-41; 1990‑4‑4; 2023-10-420.