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  • 39 (1) In this Part and Part 5:
  • “approving officer” means an approving officer as defined in the Land Title Act;
  • “contaminated site” means an area of the land in which the soil or any groundwater lying beneath it, or the water or the underlying sediment, contains a prescribed substance in quantities or concentrations exceeding prescribed risk based or numerical
  • (a) criteria
  • (b) standards, or
  • (c) conditions;
  • “government body” means a federal, provincial, municipal or treaty first nation body, including an agency or ministry of the Crown in right of Canada or British Columbia and an agency of a municipality or treaty first nation;
  • “specified industrial or commercial use” means a use of land for a prescribed industrial or commercial purpose or activity;
  • “subdivision” means
  • (a) a subdivision as defined in the Land Title Act, or
  • (b) a subdivision under the Strata Property Act;

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These excerpts from s. 39 apply to the sections in Part 4 of the Environmental Management Act that are cited in these materials.