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493 Temporary Use Permits For Designated Areas And Other Areas

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493 (1) On application by an owner of land, a local government may issue a temporary use permit as follows:

  • (a) by resolution, in relation to land within an area designated under section 492;
  • (b) by bylaw, in relation to land within an area outside a municipality, if there is no official community plan in effect for the area.
  • (2) A temporary use permit may do one or more of the following:
  • (a) allow a use not permitted by a zoning bylaw;
  • (b) specify conditions under which the temporary use may be carried on;
  • (c) allow and regulate the construction of buildings or structures in respect of the use for which the permit is issued.
  • (3) If a local government delegates the power to issue a temporary use permit under this section, the owner of land that is subject to the decision of the delegate is entitled to have the local government reconsider the matter.

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Regarding the filing of notices and permits, see s. 503 of the Local Government Act at “503 Notice of permit on land title” in this chapter.