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32 (1) Without limiting section 31, a municipality may, for the purposes of one or more services of the municipality,

  • (a) enter on, break up, alter, take or enter into possession of and use real property, and
  • (b) construct works through, under or over real property.
  • (2) If a municipality provides a service outside the municipality, the power under subsection (1) applies to property outside the municipality in relation to that service.
  • (3) If a council considers that real property may be injuriously affected by the exercise of a council power, the municipality may enter on real property and undertake works of construction, maintenance or repair in mitigation of injury done or anticipated, or in reduction of compensation.
  • (4) In addition to the authority under subsection (1)(b), a municipality may construct works through, under or over land adjoining a highway for the protection of the highway from damage by water.
  • (5) The authority under this section may be exercised without the consent of the owner of the property, subject to the restrictions established by section 16.

2003-26-32, effective January 1, 2004 (B.C. Reg. 423/2003).