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  • 7 (1) In this section, “transferor” includes a landlord obliged to deliver an instrument under section 5.
  • (2) A transferor, in an instrument executed by the transferor, or on the transferor’s behalf, must describe the parcel of land intended to be transferred or otherwise dealt with, so that the title to the parcel is registrable under the Land Title Act.
  • (3) A transferor must also provide and deposit any further conveyance, other instrument or plan that is required by the registrar.
  • (4) If a transferor, after demand in writing, fails for 30 days to comply with this section, a person entitled or applying to be registered may obtain the necessary description or plan and, unless the parties have agreed otherwise, may recover the expense of obtaining them, including the expenses of a necessary survey, in a court of competent jurisdiction from the transferor.



Penalties under Land Title Act

See s. 112 of the Land Title Act, which imposes penalties on a subdivider who fails to deposit a plan of subdivision after service on them of a written demand by a purchaser or other person who has acquired an interest in land.

Secondary Sources

See Di Castri, Registration of Title to Land, vol. 1, para. 140.